What to Know Before You Go

  • Bring casual outdoor clothing and footwear for all family members.
  • Be prepared for rapid weather changes, with extra layers of clothing and outerwear, including rain gear. Fleece layers are a good idea, even in summer.
  • Sunscreen and hat. Even when the temperature is mild, the rays of the sun at our elevation are intense.
  • Extra socks are always good
  • Day pack for day hikes and on-foot exploration, to carry your extra clothes, food and water.
  • Water bottles or hydration pack.
  • Fishing licenses, poles and tackle.

Diamond J Ranch cabin guests often like to provision themselves for breakfasts, picnics and snacks. Kitchenettes in our medium and large cabins provide necessary items for simple meal preparation, and with a small refrigerator available there are some items that may make your stay more comfortable.

Considering bringing:

  • Cereal and Breakfast food
  • Sandwich and Lunch fixings
  • Snacks and Beverages
  • Cooler with Ice

Diamond J Ranch is in the midst of the White River National Forest, a 2.3 million acre expanse of public land.

If you keep a watchful eye on the way to the ranch you may catch glimpses of bighorn sheep, deer, elk, and possibly fox, coyote and turkeys. The occasional moose will amble into our territory.

Birds of prey including eagles, hawks, osprey and owls live here. Jays, hummingbirds and a large variety of songbirds are right on site.

Other Forest Inhabitants Include:

  • Marmots
  • Chipmunks
  • Mice
  • Raccoons
  • Skunks
  • Bears who really like to visit the Diamond J if there’s a chance at an easy meal!

Please be mindful of your food, trash and coolers. Keep them inside your closed cabin or vehicle in order to keep these inhabitants of the forest at a safe distance.

If you do chance to spot visiting wildlife, please look but do not touch or feed them.